What are good ideas for my 13th birthday party sleepover?!

Question: What are good ideas for my 13th birthday party sleepover?
I'm having a 13th birthday party sleepover with the theme Hot Pink and Zebra. So far all I have planned is face masks, pizza, movies, making jewelry, and maybe making our own lip balm and lotions. I will have about approx 10 12-14 year olds there. I need ideas for games, stuff to do, party favors, and other ways to incorporate our theme. Thanks! (:


You guys could do a scavenger hunt, but have everything on the list be hot pink or have a zebra print. For example, you could make a list beforehand, and have things on it like, a pink eraser, a pink piece of paper, a pink stick of gum, a picture of a zebra cut out of a magazine, the word zebra cut out of a magazine, etc. This would be fun if you did it at 7 at night, so its a little dark, and go door to door.... Make sure you have one team do even houses and the other do odd though, so your neighbors don't get annoyed!

Another fun thing to do are magazine scavenger hunts, if your parents aren't up for a bunch of teenagers running around your neigborhood. Just look through magazines beforehand, and make clues like.. find a picture of a pink high heel, find a picture of a zebra, etc. Make sure you do this for two sets of magaziens though, because there will be 2 groups.

Making shirts is also really fun! You could go out and buy some pink tshirts from a craft store, and get some fabric paint in the squeezable bottles, and some glitter, and stuff, and you guys could decorate!

Baking is always soo much fun at sleepovers! Have everyone bake your cake and frost it, or if you think that's too messy, then just go ahead and bake or buy un frosted cupcakes beforehand and everyone can decorate them! You can do the same with cookies if you don't like cupcakes.

Makeup or makeovers is also hilarious... Just have everyone bring their makeup, or if you have a lot then you don't have to ask them, and do makeovers. You could have contests for the craziest, funniest, prettiest, etc. And have some fun prizes, like lipglosses, makeup kits, lotions, headbands, hairclips, etc.

Happy Birthday and have fun!

Maybe instead of having a cake already decorated is to do cupcakes and let all the girls decorate their own. Buy sprinkles, those pens that write on icing etc. Or decorate cookies! you could also maybe do a scavenger hunt, either around the house or the neighborhood. I went to a party once (an adults) and we did a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood. We asked for qtips, lunch meat, papersacks, coupons, etc. YOu would have to ask for some extra help from adults to do that though! You could do a fashion show kind of thing and let the girls dress up and have a runway down the hall or something, or have a Ms Ugly contest (Did that when I was in 5th grade) All us girls had to get "ugly" and well all got to do our walk and we all had to come up with some sort of talent. It was fun! You could also do manicures. You could buy some fun color polish and they have pens that you could do a zebra design on their nails or nail stickers. Or you could do that for their favors? Along with mini nail file and some hair stuff or something. And twister is always a fun game to play. Hope some of those helped. Oh and I like the idea of the making their own lip balms and lotion!

Sleepover party supplies. Party favors, games, and hot pink decorations are included in the theme.

Pizza and movies sounds like fun. Send me one of your hot pink invitations!


You can get some ideas from making jewelry at this site.




When everybody is in bed, announce that the first one to get to sleep should whistle.

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