I'm throwing a party for my daughters 2ndbirthday.?!

Question: I'm throwing a party for my daughters 2ndbirthday.?
strapped for cash && with a smallish garden need a few ideas.
There won't be that many other children coming.
Thinking of a little ball pool bouncy castle..


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yes, get the bouncy castle! NO CLOWNS! A pinata and a bubble machine. And get a water slide and give her a birthday sash. make them sit on balloons and the person who pops them first gets a prize.

The ball pool bouncy castle would be good. And I definatly recommend a bubble machine. I got one for my daughters 2nd bday and she loved it. It kept all the kids entertained. If a lot of kids aren't coming I would just keep it simple. Maybe play like pin the tail on the donkey or a pinata. Or some sort of races. Think about what your daughter finds enjoyable and do some of those activities. You could do follow the leader and jump around and act silly. But I really think if you have the castle that will keep them busy!

maybe you can find some great ideas here


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