Yo- momma jokes?!


Yo- momma jokes?

yo-momma sooooooooooooo fat it took here 5 days for her to run around 1 block so she sad man this a long run and she was only an 10 inches away from her house

that's wierd....
Yo Momma is so stupid that she sat on the t.v and watch the couch....
YO MOMMA is so FAt That when she sat on the RainBow Skittles started popping out.....
YO MoMMA IS So FAt THat She stood on the scale and it said to be continued.....

hmmmmm oh well........ 2points!

whatever 2 points again thanks

sorry, that was crap.

u might wanna try

Yo mama's so stupid, her shirt says TGIF- t_ts go in first--------Yo mama's so stupid, if she spoke her mind, she'd be speechless.------Yo mama's so stupid, on her job application where it says emergency contact she put 911.---------------Yo mama's so ugly, I can do her in any position and its still doggy style.

Yo mammas so fat, she sweats crisco

yo mammas so fat , she sat on a quarter and squeezed a burger outta Washington's nose

Yo mammas teeth so yellow, when she smiles cars slow down...

lol gotta luv that mamma of yours!!!

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