What theme should our end of the school year party be?!

Question: What theme should our end of the school year party be?
Teenagers end of the school year party. What theme would be BEAST? We want it to be the party of the summer. We already found a place all we need are ideas and themes. We were thinking something like casino or night club themed party with a bouncer and non-alchoholic bar with a dj and such. Any ideas? Thanks. :)


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Would be beast? That's an odd phrase.

How about an "Oscar night' party. You could do a "red carpet". Decorate with movie posters and Hollywood bling. Have someone do photos or rent a photo booth. Come up with a non-alcoholic drink (a mock-tail) or sparkling juice.

past experience with hosting fun parties.

what about a jungle theme, or cops and robbers

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