ice cream themed baby shower?!

Question: Ice cream themed baby shower?
i am planning a baby shower for my friend who is having a boy. her mom wants a "classy" tea party theme and is planning on renting fine china for the food and serving dishes. however, we will be having an ice cream buffet with all the toppings and a few kinds of ice cream. her mom is being very conscious about this being "classy" whatever that means...its ice cream...anyways, i dont want to set the ice cream out in the boxes because that doesnt look classy enough. what, other than just ice cream boxes can the ice cream be stored in? it will be served in probably crystal glass bowls and we will use the plastic silverware that looks like regular flatware. its silver in color. we already know what the toppings will set in but NO IDEA what to do with the actual ice cream that will look nice. links would be greatly appreciated too!


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Dip the ice cream in advance with a scoop and make snowball looking scoops. Freeze on a cookie sheet to harden. Come serving time, pop off the cookie sheet and serve from a chilled punch bowl.

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