exciting ideas for my 21st birthday?!

Question: Exciting ideas for my 21st birthday?
I've recently had a falling out with most of my friends that are my own age. I turn 21 in a couple of days. I am always disappointed or let down when other people plan my birthday celebration (for example, this year my boyfriend was going to take me out saturday night, but he decided to switch his work schedule so that he is now working. he also thinks going to lunch on saturday is just as good). So this year I want to treat my self. I want to do something dangerous, exhilarating, and exciting. I want an adrenaline rush. i live in north texas, and i'm willing to drive up to 8 hours in any direction. i need some ideas on what can satisfy my adrenaline craving and make my 21st birthday one to remember.


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go somewhere you want to go

Go to a massive mall with some (2-5 friends) and go bowling, ice-skating, shopping, chilling out and etc. :) Have fun, and don't let anything stop you!!! :DDDDDD
Good Luck! :)

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