I need ideas for a party?!


I need ideas for a party?

My husband is getting ordained as a deacon In October we are on a strict budget because we are relocating the month after.

What kind of reception can I give for a church of 30 people and possibly 20 guests that will be coming.

I want to give my husband a party for all the hard work he has done
I do want to have a cake but he also would like some food as well any suggestions?

We are having the party at the church.

see if anyone is willing to bring anything they can help and also you an get finger foods,...... sandwitches,cheeses,fruits, and veggies. Congrats and good luck

anything but clothes party or a school girl outfit party!

Surely some of the ladies of the church will want to pitch in and help?

A nice sheet cake and punch is always good. Maybe a few mixed nuts and butter mints. You don't have to get any fancier than that unless other folks offer to bring finger sandwiches or dips and stuff.

Toga party

OOH, email me,...
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An in-church party celebrating a newly ordained deacon? Why, an orgy of course! Just switch-out all those white candles for black ones and don't forget PLENTY of carbo-rich cupcakes!

do a potluck. have every1 bring 1 dish. plus their serving utensils. then u just bring decorations, table cloths, balloons, etc. if u wanted, u could even say every1 bring 1 gift, and u can put em all on a table, n then every1 gets 2 pik 1 gift 4 emselves.

Congratulations for your husband!
At least you have the place to have the party at- that's usually the toughest thing. I don't know where you live or what stores are around, but my best advice is just to buy things in bulk. Like at the Sam's Club store.
Or you could get really creative and make finger foods; there are tons of websites with snack ideas.
Or maybe you could just ask your friends or colleagues to help you.
I hope this helps!

naked parties are always fun, i uno if you can do that in the church tho? mayb some pin the tail on the donkey?

Go to Culinary Chef at http://www.culinarychef.com for recipes and special occasion menus.

I would opt for a potluck type of party. Your church congregation must know your situation and should be more than happy to bring food to the occasion and you can supply the cake!

I would decroate a cake with some church or religouse things. Have some games and have people bring ideas so you don't overload yourself with things to think of!
Make sure you make your husband feel good about the party.....it's like a major thanks for him!
If you could make it a suprise, that'll make him feel popular!
Good Luck!

some music,food,drinks,decor,ofcour... a cake,and how bout guest to make it a party.

Well, I can see that strippers jumping out of the cake would be out. Surely some of the ladies can make sandwiches - doesn't have to be a sit down dinner. Think of a theme - something your husband really likes, or likes to do, and work around that. I mean besides being Deacon. I'm sure he has another life. Good luck and have fun!

ask some of the church ladies to help out with the food and u can buy a really nice cake for a cheap price at your local food store
good luck make things u know can be cooked fast like
macaroni and cheese
baked chicken
mash potatoes or potatoe salad
and a few boxes of soda they have them on sale like 5 boxes of coke for $10 good luck

How about pasta. You could do a veggie lasagna & meat lasagna or pasta w/plain sauce & pasta w/meat sauce. Both types of dishes go a long way. Watch your local markets and when the cheeses, meats and pasta go on sale, grab them as these can keep for a while. (freeze the meats.) Add some bread and salad and you have a great meal at an affordable price.

Congrats to your husband on his ordination. May God bless you and your family!

My stepdad used to cater for the church when I was in the youth group, and believe it or not, the cheapest food to cook is breakfast food. We would have get-togethers at the church in the afternoon and eat scrambled eggs, pancakes and bacon, and call it brunch. It was always fun.

But since cake and breakfast really don't go together, fingerfoods would probably work best in your case. Crackers, cheese, home-made cheese dip made with velveeta and salsa with a little hamburger, tortilla chips, maybe a veggie and fruit plate with ranch and yogurt sauces for dipping.

Or, make it potluck. All the ladies in my church loooooved making dishes to bring. Especially if they knew you were throwing your husband a little surprise...I hope this helps!

Potluck!! People are churches are always willing to help with this and understand being on a budget. Contact the Women's Guild of the church to set it up,

Have a potluck

I would have the cake done in the shape of the cross - that would be so nice!

How about just finger foods - like sandwiches, cubed cheeses, fruit, crackers, and maybe a few pasta and regular salads.

Or, just order pizzas and go all out on the cake. Anything you do will make his day very special and he will appreciate and always remember it.

It's very sweet of you to celebrate your husband's success - you sound like a charming woman and wife!

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