I Need Cake Pricing Help?!

Question: I Need Cake Pricing Help?
I've been asked to make this cake for a birthday party. I've never made this particular cake. How much should I charge?


I will make it large enough to feed 50 people and deliver it approximately 15 miles away.

I will take me approximately two and a half hours


If you have never baked a cake and accepted money for it.....then perhaps you are not aware that in most states you cannot legally bake from your own kitchen and accept money for what you baked. Even in the states where you can use your kitchen, there has to be an inspection and you have to be certified to handle food. I would check with my county authorities before doing anything.
ALSO..... it is illegal for you to accept money for selling anything which is a copy righted design. You have to get rights to do it and pay them royalty fees for each time you do their design.
ALSO.... if you do not have commercial insurance on your vehicle and you are delivering a cake which you are receiving payment for...and you should happen to be involved in an accident, your auto insurance would not cover the accident.

To make sure that I would be covered against
Fines for baking in an illegal kitchen $20,000
Fines for copy right violation $10,000
Fines for auto accident.... $25,000
I guess I would probably charge a minimum of $55,130.

It sounds pretty easy to make? Especially if you're using a mold of some sort.
I'd depend on a few things for me.
If it's someone you know, you could gift it, or offer it for really cheap. If it's someone you don't know, you could up the price, unless you want them to ask you to make cakes for them in the future!
If you're really confident in your talent, I'd up the price. If you think you're "okay," lower it.
If you're attending the party, I wouldn't add any extra delivery cost.

So, let's say... If it were someone I didn't know, I felt confident in my skill level and I wasn't attending the party:
I'd probably charge $10 an hour (from mixing to baking to decorating and delivery time there and back) plus the cost of ingredients. Plus, the price of the mold if I had to buy it (if you're using a mold) and you didn't think you'd use it very much afterwards or maybe $10 extra to sculpt free hand.

I wouldn't do it for less than $100. It's going to have to be huge to feed 50. Is your vehicle stable? I'd give it a lot more than 2 1/2 hours if you've never done it before; more like 4 hours just to be sure. You don't want to disappoint anyone. Good luck - it's very cute!

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