Is the starbucks tangerine frappucino w/ strawberry good?!


Is the starbucks tangerine frappucino w/ strawberry good?

It's delicious!! The pomegranite is slightly sweeter, and a little more bitter, than the tangerine. The tangerine is a little more tangy.

ive never had it but it sounds good.

Sorry, but as much as I LOVE Starbucks, that combination does NOT sound the least bit appealing......?????Let us know when you try it!!

idk but don't get the coconut one that tastes like ****

Sounds good, but never tried it.

I didn't like it at all and i love Starbucks frappucino

I dunno, but it sounds yummy! :)

I've never been to a Starbucks.
I'm soooooo deprived! *lol*

nope but thanks for the points

i've never had it with strawberry, just tangerine and it's very good.

strawberries and cream is better

Dunno.....but.....tangerine and strawberry sound gross in coffee!!!!!!

Someone had to say it.
Yae Peets coffee.

It is wonderful with all the tangerine and strawberry flavours tasting through.

actually it is!

No ! :{

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