What you need for a bonfire?!

Question: What you need for a bonfire?
This is my first bonfire. We are having it at Monterey. I checked with the city and they said bonfires were permitted! :) But what do I need to start it?

Things I have in mind:


Some steps would be helpful as well as all the things I need! :) Thank you!


you need:
fire wood
lighter fluid
matches are better than lighters in this situation
an old rag

then you:
soak the old rag in lighter fluid and twist is into a circle
put it in the middle of the pit
make a tent/tee pee like think with the wood around the rag
the drop in a match and TADA :D

me (: ive done it before

Favorite tips:

Mapp Gas Torch - starts fire with no drama
Used motor/cooking oil - Not as fun as gasoline but works WAY better

Paper surrounded by Small sticks on the bottom in a teepee then gradually larger wood. You wont have a problem once you get it going if you have decent dry wood.


gasoline. If you enjoy your eye brows dont let it soak in before you light it.


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