Our holiday party is coming up....?!

Question: Our holiday party is coming up....?
...Any good ideas for networking / MIS themed christmas decorations?
I'd like to see if there is anyway to use fiberoptics, ethernet cable, or other accessories to decorate a g-scale, gondolla, train car. X-mas trees made out of green cat 5?


I worked in MIS for seven years, and we always had a good time decorating, but we never went all out with anything like a G-Scale train. Your department sounds like fun.

I was in operations (i.e. crawling under desks tracing wire) so we had parts of all kinds. We usually shared a tree with telecommunications, so our tree had keyboards and phone cord and even phones all over it. Windows disks were the prettiest decorations, with their silver and holograms. Our cat-5 was blue, so we never tried making a tree. We had an artificial one that got stored somewhere. If you have green, though, you can hang little stockings from it, as if you had a hearth. You could use old memory as siding or cargo on your train. Use a sharpie to draw windows on old components, like maybe power supplies, to make buildings for your layout.

Since food is beloved of MIS, I recommend decorating with that. Red or black licorice could be cargo on your train, along with Xmas cookies. Make sure you have a lot so people will be excited to come see your office. Since MIS offices are usually grimy, make sure anything to be eaten is someplace clean. Cookies can be hung from the ceiling by fiberoptics, I expect.

I hope you will post a picture here of what you end up doing. It sounds great.

Yes holiday party is coming up.


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