what are some ideas for a 15 year old party?!

Question: What are some ideas for a 15 year old party?
i will be turning 15 soon and need some ideas. it will be cold outside so no swimming or anything like that. i really don't want anything at my house because of the mess they will make. my mom says it cant be to over the top or expensive. i could really use the help(:


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Go to a theme park with your friends and ask your parents to drop you off/pick you up. All of you pay for your selves keeping the cost down to just your ticket plus some money for food and souvenirs, and you all have a great day. You can normally find vouchers online for discounted entry tickets like buy one get one free making it even less expensive for you! Hope you have a great day whatever you decide to do!

Bowling. Even if u r no good its still fun. Most places have pizza or snacks. And its not expensive.

what ever you want.


You should all get wasted and go to chuckle cheese.

Josef Fritzl theme. lock all your friends up. thats cheap :)

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