My daughter is turning 1 on the 26th Got any Birthday Ideas?!


My daughter is turning 1 on the 26th Got any Birthday Ideas?

My daughter is turming one on the 26th and I would like to give her a beautiful Birthday Party. I just don't want it to be bland. I am not going to have alot of money to throw it. I love pink (she always wears it), I want to dress her up as a princess! Please give me any themes, ideas, suggestions, and places to have it. I am a person who is normally over the top on a budget any ideas? (this is my only child and I want it to be special)

oooooooo how special! Happy birthday to your angel 1st of all! Second of all try something like disney princesses or Hello Kitty. You can find cute ideas for cakes on a cake decorating site. Play dress up with your little girl . Give the child some credit. They remember alot more than you would think.

go to the dollar store and buy a bunch of pink ballons and stuff. she's 1, so she probably won't remember the party much. its mostly for the adults. save your money for a party when she is older and she will remember is.

She is only one Keep it simple.

does she like barny or winne the pooh have the party somewhere likke a pool and if you can not afford that then have it at mcdonalds

Go to the fabric story and get a bunch of white and pink tulling.

Then set up a corner in your house with a chair decorated as a throne. Drape the fabrics above and around it. Then have a crown and septor set up. You can pose all the kids that come to your party there,a nd send them home with pictures of themselves as royalty.

Balloons, crepe paper, lots of fun can decorate and entertain cheaply. Just go a little overboard with the cheap stuff. Definatly hit the dollar store or big lots or something. Princess stuff is very popular right now.

also, check out oriental and great! lots of princess stuff.

At one year old it really won't matter to your daughter what kind of party or theme you have. Don't have balloons because children have choked to death on them. If you have a really pretty pink party with pink cake, pink decorations, pink things to make your daughter happy that should do it. Mainly she is going to put her face in the pink cake to take a big bite. That is what all one year olds do. Have your camera ready!

relax! the only thing that ever matters at a first birthday is how sweet your baby looks and how much frosting she can get all over herself diving into her first might want to let her have her very own small cake to smush and smash and enjoy...and get a flat halfsheet cake (or a regluar sized round cake, depending on size of party) for the rest of the partygoers to eat. the photos of that smeared up little darling with warm everyone's hearst for decades to come...everything else will be quickly forgotten by others and never remembered by her.

she is 26 years old not 6 years old. no theme is required at that age!. don't dress her in pink like a 6 year old princess. this is her birthday not yours. take her out to eat and shopping. that is cool! then let her go out with her friends if she wants. don't make her feel like she has to stay with you on her birthday!

give her a safe futer mean insurance for her health and education

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