Who Likes Spam and how do you eat it???!


Who Likes Spam and how do you eat it???

spam,spam,spam, spamalot!!!!

pan-fried, over white rice! Simple, tasty!

on wonder bread

you get free spam over the enternet

Right out of the can, or fried in olive oil

i cube it with, a cube of dill pickle, and a cube of mozzarella cheese and i put it on a tooth pick i find it more tasty if you put the spam in the middle of the pickle and cheese on the tooth pick by the way im pregnant and i am sorry if i have caused u nausea or upset stomach

I like spam sometimes. It's only ground pig shoulder so you can prepare it anyway you would pork. I like to fry it in thin slices and make sandwiches with it.

I like frying Spam, and eating it with white rice with soy sauce, and plantains. It's very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone likes spam..... I like it cut into slices and fried till slightly brown on both sides .....then put it on wheat toast with Cheez Whiz , mayo and tomato slices mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

I like it sometimes, but not often. I usually eat it on a sandwich with mayo and vidalia onions. Sometimes, I fry it and sometimes I just slightly heat it in the microwave. Either way is good when I want a Spam sandwich.

i've heard that spam is the closest thing to eating human flesh. but....after hurricane Hugo....we ate it pan fried and on bread with mayo and mustard.

chopped up fried in a pan with sliced up potatoes and onions

Pan-fried. On bread. Wiith Mustard.

That is too funny - I was just thinking about Spam yesterday! I really was.

I haven't eaten Spam in a long time, but I like to slice it on the thin side, add several drops of oil in a skillet, then fry it about 2 minutes on each side. If you're into southern food, it's pretty good with grits.

Spam gets a really bad rap, but it's actually a pretty tasty food. On second thought, IS it a food? : )

on bread with hot sauce

Cube it, fry up with bacon, add onion, garlic, rice and some peas, Spam rice. Yummy.

I luv spam and you can eat rihgt out of the tin :)

It's real Big in Hawaii and Real Bad for You

i do, I usually eat it raw or fry it.

hello there, this is sassy V
I love spam, not treet, but spam. You slice it thin and put in fry pan , eat it with eggs or anything. I dice it and put it in mac& cheese. I dice and then fry and put it in ramen noodles. I also boil some eggs and shredd my spam add eggs as if egg salad add your miracle whip salt and pepper and way u go.

Put fried spam on a sandwich with melted cheese, onions, and if you wish tomatoes and mayo. My husband and I love that sometimes just for something different, and home made soup goes good with it too!

spam is the nastiest substance known to mankind!

Fried and made into a sandwich with lots of mustard.

Fried on wheat bread with mustard.


My mom used to make some great fried spam, she'd first coat the spam in flour, I guess so it would brown more, then fried it in oil, then she'd make a gravy with the stuff left in the pan and serve it with mashed potatoes.

Make a spam burger...fry it in a pan.

spam kabobs
spam and eggs
spam tacos
spam meat balls
spam sandwich
spam pot pie
spam on a stick
deep fried spam
stir fried spam
spam burgers
spam pizza
spam jerky
spam stuffed manicotti
toasted spam n cheese sandwich
spam quesadillas
spam pate
spam n pork n beans
Spam chilli
spam chowder
spam and macaroni cheese
spamburger helper
spam in tuna caserole
spam stew
spam egg rolls
spam sushi rolls
spam n rice
spam chiopino
deviled spam
macaroni spam salad
fried potatoes and spam
spam smoothie ok not so good this one!

Slice it real thin and fry it crispy and slide it in omlets or salad or leave it thin add miracle whip and have a great sandwich!

In a breakfast sandwich..with egg and cheese between whole wheat english muffins. Yum!

WOW ! Big Mama Who Knew?

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