Do you love anchovies on pizza too???!


Do you love anchovies on pizza too???

They have such a strong flavor that if I'm gonna have anchovies on my pizza, then I ONLY want anchovies (plus the cheese and sauce, of course!) on the pizza.

Not really a fan of anchovies but ham and pineapple is a must for my pizza's.


Yes they are great, especially when they are whole, and are the only "meat" on there.

No, but they are great in pasta.

An unequivocal YES!

Try drizzling a little olive oil on there too - it really complements the saltiness of those little morsels of fishy goodness :-)

no, too fishy,and pizza isn't about fishy as far as I am concerned, but at least I have tried it

Yes but on the side. Don't want them cooked.

not really
i cannot stand the smell

Yes. They're delicious.

yes from an actual restaurant, the ones from dominos and papa johns are awful. give me some good quality anchovies and extra cheese....yummy!

*Throwing up.*

I tried it once and I didn't like it. I ordered a pizza in Rome and the menu was in Italian. I just ordered the one that sounded more appetizing and I ended up ordering a pizza with anchovies.

yes! they are good on greek salads too

hell no

Yeah, too much. Before my liver transplant, I had to cut down on ALL salt, because my body would swell up. After my transplant (Oct. 2), I am able to eat salt. You got me hungry now! Gotta go....!!!.....

I don't care for fish anywhere, thank you.

it nice when its got dry and crisp..

I love Anchovies and like them on Pizza or in sandwiches, so tasty. Thanks for the memories.

no way never

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