Alice in Wonderland tea party food ideas/recipes?!

Question: Alice in Wonderland tea party food ideas/recipes?
I've got an idea of how to make sandwiches, but I need some help with these following things:
What is the appropriate way to stack a cake with a vanilla and chocolate layer to make a checkerboard/chessboard cake?
What are some great flavors of Ice Cream for an Alice In Wonderland party? (A specific brand would be nice)
Are potato wedges and bowtie pasta with red food coloring appropriate? (I was thinking the bowties could resemble the Mad Hatter's bowtie)
Other Tea Party food items and a good AIW snack idea while watching the movie.


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you'll have to go at right angles vanilla then chocolate or chocolate then vanilla for the cake but if it looks silly then nobody is going to mind ,
jam tarts would be nice and very delicious too
the queen of hearts she made some tarts all on a summers day ,
you could eat soup soo---ooooop of the e-e-evening whilst watching t.v. beautiful , beautiful soup ! " would be quite normal to finish with soup .
Lobster of course
Tis the voice of the lobster , i heard him declare , you have baked me too brown i must sugar my hair ,

turtle soup for dessert and pig and pepper on a side plate .

love to be asleep on the table !
bon appetite !
You'll have to draw the ice cream from the well as , - if you can draw water from a well and the hatter thinks you can draw treacle , i suppose you can draw ice cream but why jump in the well to draw what , that begins with M .

This reminds me of food network. It was like Dinner Impossible, and they based it around Alice In Wonderland.

Those are SOME ideas. Other than that, I'm no expert with food.

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