What should I do for my 21st Birthday?!

Question: What should I do for my 21st Birthday?
My Birthday is Feb 13th and I am trying to figure out what I wanna do for my bday. I live in Michigan so I can't really do anything out side. I'm not planning on getting super drunk i just want to find somewhere or somthing fun to do with all my friends. I'm also looking for a sweet looking cake. because it's not all the time you turn 21 so if anyone can tell me where i can get a sweet cake in michigan let me know.


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Get totally wasted. Also, shoot a pornography film and post it here.

A house party with a theme, maybe Hawaiian theme or a Nautical theme? Also, you can special order a yummy birthday cake that can serve over 20 guests for a very good price at Costco. So check it out and have fun! Happy 21st birthday! ;-)

You should celebrate your 21st birthday with your parents and friends.

GO TO VEGAS. party it up! get 21 numbers, play 21 (the game), and ORDER AN AWESOME CAKE WHILE YOU ARE THERE

i got a limo for my 21st birthday and went to a couples clubs.

a house party is cool!!

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