for my 16th birthday slumber party games etc ideas?!

Question: For my 16th birthday slumber party games etc ideas?
for my birthday there is 6 of us going for a meal then one person is not staying over, what types of games should we do for after, food? i dont have a clue what to do???


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if your all girls a good game is MAKING SANDWHICHES to be played preferably in the KITCHEN.
lol im joking i just felt it had to be said.

Hi. Here are some ideas:

-Truth or Dare
-Would You Rather
-If you have a fireplace, roast marshmellows
-Hairstyle Show: Someone does a girls hair and then have 3 judges and they give each girl points and whoever wins gets a prize or something
- Same thing as the Hairstyle Show exept do a fashion show
- Blindfold Makeup: a girl does makeup on another girls face while she is blindfolded and then after the girl looks at herself and everybody starts laughing
- Watch a couple of movies and munch on snacks and popcorn
- Play Twister
- Play board games
-When you all go to bed everybody has to tell a real(or make one up) ghost story and all the lights has to be off and all you have is a flashlight

Ok. Sorry that's all I could think of. I hope I helped though!


Omg Its actullly frickin brilliant!
Once everyone gets over the hole...'wdf is she on about playing charades thats gay'
and get into the swing of things its like the best party game ever!

Split into to teams and each team picks five Films. A person from team A picks on of team Bs films and acts it out. NO WORDS AT ALL OR NOISES. its actully the funniest gamee ever invented. Youtube have all the hand signals you can use!! Have fun!

Hey, I've found a website for you to have a look at. Its filled with fun games which you could have at your party.

Twister ; spin the bottle ; ouija board

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