Has anyone seen any xmas decorations up yet?!


Has anyone seen any xmas decorations up yet?

not yet, but it won't be long I am sure :)

Havent seen them - but harrods are selling them this week.

yes! tinsel at a pub advertising christmas dinner!

Yep, Harrods have started putting theres up

Christ not allready,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,don't get me started on that.


There is a Christmas tree at a local lodge/restaraunt.

no no no, my daughters birthday is christmas eve so in our house we don't have christmas eve, only 24 is birthday, next day is christmas, although we do put up decorations before that.

No, and thank goodness for that.


yes because somepeople have not taken them down from last year

yeah harrods had theres up from tuesday lol

my neighbor still has hers up......does that count?

I haven't seen any new ones go up...but I've seen a few that never came down!

I have in fact seen them going up... I have seen them at the dollar trees and also at Big Lots I think was the other place. Does everyone forget about Thanksgiving, Columbus Day and Veterans Day? We still have Labor Day too!!! No joy in holidays anymore. There are way too rushed!!!

no, but I did fine some pineneedles from last years xmas tree when I pulled the sofa out to clean the other day.

(shows how often I do a 'proper' clean!)

no not yet but there will soon

Does what's not been taken down from last year count ? because there are plastic santa's hanging from a couple of houses in my area.

No, and I hope not, it's only Autumn

Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, we have a kid next door who is wearing a Santa hat for some fancy dress thing he is off to and that is more than enough without the decorations anywhere.

yes, the owners of one house in my neighborhood never took their decorations down.

Around October you should start seeing them in the Stores.

yea i seen loads up in my loft!!!!!

yes I have it's upstairs in our bedroom

I can't afford to go to Harrods but my local pub hasn't taken all of them down yet from last Christmas! - Apparently there are too high to reach as their stepladder has broken!
I have seen a shop in London which sells nothing but Christmas related items all year - can anyone remember where it is?
(I have never liked the word "Xmas!)


Nope - not yet!

Peeeeerllllleeeeessse dont mention the "C" word, not yet!!!

lol, where I'm from most people don't take them down so I get to see them year round........they just plug them in around Christmas time.

Yes, Hobby Lobby


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