Any good Places it Eat?!


Any good Places it Eat?

I'm looking for a good place to eat in little ltly. I want plan a nice out with my husband but i never been there. I've walked though it to shop but not eat. Can any body give me a good place to eat

an all you can eat buffet because its good and cheap :D



Romanos macaroni grill

Mc Donolds

Lombardi's coal oven pizzeria
32 Spring St (212) 941-7994
Nearest Subways to Lombardi's: 6 at Spring Street
Cross Streets: between Mott and Mulberry Streets

So good, you'll have to try it to believe it.

Sal and Carvao's!!! I live in Illinois near chicago. This is a brazillian restaurant. They cook everything over an open flame and its all you can eat and the meat is served on skewers by men in gouchos. The have a huge salad bar which consists of waaaaaaaaaaaaay more than salad. You also get an endless supply of rolls, fried bananas(trust me they are delicious and I hate bananas), and mashed potatoes with fresh garlic and cheese.

dont know cuz dont live in that area

Sub Way

Michaelangelo's Cafe...better than Starbucks a million percent...they serve gourmet pastries that you can only find in Milan!

Good place it eat? Eat good in Itly? Me no hungry.... no spell so good. Happy though.

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