What is the best way to toss your salad?!


What is the best way to toss your salad?

Can anyone give me any ideas???

Ummm... I'm going to go out on a limb and guess you weren't really asking a food question... so my answer involves the spreading of one "lower" cheeks. ;)


If you really want to? .......I guess you'd have to be pretty flexible.

It's better and easier to get someone else to do it for (to) you.


I prefer a closed container such as tupperware.

You spend so much time making the salad look good, I think it best to let your guests toss it prior to serving

with a big tong

First you start by asking my name, that will loosen me up.

Next you can simply drop my pants and go to town.

I guess if you are nice looking I would let you do that.

What are we talking about?

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