I want to hold a wine and cheese party?? any ideas as to how to go about it??!


I want to hold a wine and cheese party?? any ideas as to how to go about it??

i would like to get a group of couples together and hold a wine and cheese party i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to how to go about doing this or some of the cheese or other types of food i can include i had heard somewhere that someone can come and talk about the different wines etc any suggestions would help as far as decorations or how many couples to invite themes etc thank you.

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11 months ago
also does anyone have an idea how much it might cost??

11 months ago
also does anyone have an idea how much it might cost??

I would get guidance from a wine shop, or maybe the wine/cheese counter at Whole Foods Market. Let them help you pair cheeses w/ wines. You'll want to have at least one red, one white, no more than one rose, and maybe a dessert wine.

When tasting, you don't serve complete glasses-ful. (If you do, it will break your heart when your guests dislike it and pour it down the drain!) Let your guests go back for more if they like the first sip or two. You may also have a descripton of each wine, and see if your guests can taste the flavors the wine is supposed to have: chocolate, pepper, cherry, oak, smoke, whatever.

As for cheeses, I'd have a soft cheese, like camembert or brie, a hard ceese like parmesan or romano, a couple med-hard cheeses like Muesnter, Gouda, Provolone, Swiss, Cheddar, whatever...and a blue of some sort (gorgonzola, stilton, maytag, etc.)

Ask your wine shop for a little thingy you pop into your bottle of wine... it keeps you from overfilling the glasses, and also aerates the wine as it's poured. It sorta dribbles the wine, but in a neat way.

8-10 people can taste off of 1 bottle of each kind of wine.

Dont' forget some classic fruits to go w/ your cheeses: champagne grapes (cute, baby grapes!), pears, apples, maybe soem toasted walnuts, dried apricots, crostini (make your own), and/or fresh, soft French or sourdough bread.

HAVE FUN! Sounds like a blast to me!

I would start by contacting your local wine shop if you want to hire a somelier to come and educate evryone about the wines. If you want to do it yourself, do your research, go online get some books and go for it. Gourmet food stores with fresh cheeses also can give you suggestions on wine/food pairings. Cru is a local wine bar in my area, go to their site and see what they do with wine and cheese, great presentation pictures, might give you some ideas.

Hey Marrisa,,,, since you didnt invite me,,,,, i am hurt !!!!

Ok,,,,,, go to your local wine and spirits shop,,,,, ask the manager there,,,, then use that info.... go get you some prochetto and provolone cheese,,, and wrap in with tooth picks,,,,, the salt and cheese flavor are great...... trust me.... you may have to go to a butcher shop for the prochetto.....??

Use what other suggestions the mgr of the spirit shope says also....... and darn I got a bottle of Italian wine right here,,,,, sure you dont want me to come......???? lol

good luck and have fun.......

there are a hundred things you could do here: you could limit the wines to only those that the guests bring, and only provide cheese. Sort of a highbrow "BYOB" party

As for cheese, you have got to have a broad sampling: from feta to brie to goat and muenster.

Other foods to provide: grapes, olives, and crackers.

Also, make sure guests have plenty of water throughout the evening.

And decorations? just clean the house and light a few tea lights. Have a minimalist approach and everyone will enjoy how "less is more." Very fancy.

Wish I was on the guest list!


get some wine nd cheese

Hello... Wine & Cheese!! I toured a winery once....I would suggest one maker but several different labels... primarily just make sure that you have the type of friends who are up for wine tasting.

A suggestion would be to ask your guests to bring a bottle of wine and an item to pair with it. This will give you a variety of items to try, and the cost of the party will decrease substantially. You can then have a variety of other food available, such as various types of cheese, crackers, desserts, tapas, etc.

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