Another eating ?? do u have milk, wine or beer with pasta?!


Another eating ?? do u have milk, wine or beer with pasta?

i love milk with spaghetti, but there aint nothin like a good merlot with pasta and any kind of sauce.

Wine with pasta- save the milk for chili!!

Pasta goes with Wine and Water.

As a kid I use to love to drink milk with my spaghetti and I still do I like a good wine with other pasta

me i love to drink heinekin with my pasta but that's just me


Drink whatever you prefer to drink!

Whatever you like will do. The preference is wine.

Wine -- not Merlot -- Chianti Classico much better with red sauce.

I drink pop or tea with pasta. very good.

Oh yeah, having some now, Turning Point, Merlot, nice.

Wine 9 years old

I have to have a tall cold glass of milk with my pasta, but after dinner I crave a glass of wine because of all the flavors that mix well together, especially pasta. Red wine, not too sweet.

A lot of those old rules of food and beverage pairing are out. There are obviously beverages that go well with certain dishes...Give all three a try and find out which one you like best!

Wine,definitely. With red sauce, I prefer Chianti.

With white sauce, it's pinto grigio or Riesling.

sweet tea!!!! or dasini water!!!!+

I usually drink what I like, whether it be a cup of tea or a glass of milk.

I have never tried milk with pasta I might do that.

Merlot is only good with pasta that has red meat in it or a tomato based sauce, otherwise I would suggest white wine. White wine goes well with tomato sauces too but a merlot would be better.

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