How do u keep bugs from flying around ur food when eating outdoors?!


How do u keep bugs from flying around ur food when eating outdoors?

I am currently working on a prototype for my "scarefly" invention. It will work similarly to a scarecrow, only come plate sized for outdoor eating. =D

Use scented candles that are designed to keep insects away from people. Put them on the table. The candles are usually available in a hardware store like Lowe's, Home Depot, or Ace Hardware.

Use citronella candles or one of the electronic bug zappers .

Use citronella candles and use food screens. You can find them at any home store like Bed Bath and Beyond. They are little domes with screen that you put over the food if the food is served buffet style. But while you are eating just pray that the candles work.

citronella candles come in some o.k. scents these days or we also put a small fan outside and the airflow keeps the flies, mosquitos and no-see-ums away.

use either insect repellent candles/insent sticks or a bright UV light. This should distract them.

Citronella does work great but if you want something more natural, mint leaves keep most insects away. They don't like the mint scent for some reason. You can also keep mosquitoes away from you when your having fun by chewing mint flavored gum.

Poor urine around all the food or just get everybody so drunk nobody gives a load about the bugs

Citronella candles around the edge of the dining area and lots of bug spray in the air.

You can use those lemongrass-y scented candles, they use them alot here, try to avoid aerosol bug sprays as it may get in the food and it may be harmful. You can spray it 15 feet away and the wind might still carry it around.
Orrr... do it the old fashioned way, eat with your right hand and swing your left all around.

keep an electric tennis racket.

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