I need help with my birthday party!!?!

Question: I need help with my birthday party!!?
Um im 12 and im going to have about 4 other people. I was going to do a black light party but we dont have very much money to spend right now..So are there any weird party ideas or ways i could do a cool black light party?


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You need to have the black light bulbs...and then black out any windows with black trash bags.. you'd need highlighter markers and have guests all wear white t-shirts (they can each bring a highlighter) and tell them you'll be writing on them>>>have everyone sign each other's shirt.

You'd need to get glow in the dark plates and cups...party store or Walmart and a bunch of neon necklaces, bracelets and stuff like that. You can take regular white balloons and insert a glow stick and then blow them up for decorations to hang wherever you want. Neon green and white streamers...white plastic tablecloth (or old sheet).

Have each guest bring 2 large candy bars (any kind) and then you get a few more and play the Candy Bar game: (now scroll down on this link for game instructions)>>

Play truth or dare...but have dares written out and inserted in balloons>>they have to pop the balloon and do what it says

Balloon contest:2 players make up one team. A balloon is held between their foreheads. Either potatoes, painted stones or other items are strewn on the ground over the playing area. Each team must collect the items as fast as possible, of course without letting the balloon fall on the ground. Give each team a container to hold to collect the items...the one who has the most wins....take turns as being "teams" and have the odd person out do a timer.

Balloon Stomp...tie balloons around everyone's ankle...play music and dance and try to stomp out each other's balloon....when it pops, you're out. Use balloons that glow in the dark of course!

(find other great balloon games by googling "balloon games")

How about throwing a black and white bd party?? It'll be cool. Every body should wear black n white and nothing else!! Well it's just an idea?!

You all should decide on a movie to go see or have a sleepover or have a spa day

you's could go ice skating.

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