Birthdayy Partyy Ideas? I'll be 14!?!

Question: Birthdayy Partyy Ideas? I'll be 14!?
So I'm gonna have a party? I just don't know what its gonna be...I've already done a limo and hotels...I just don't know!

It can't be bowling or laser tag or skating..



How about a photo scavenger hunt. You can divide into teams and race to take pictures of yourselves doing sill things like posing as a manikin in a store window or trying on wigs. You can make photo books with the pictures you took for party favors

If you have a limo and a hotel what about your own reserved disco.(you can make it private) and you can make your own pizzas and cake's you can also have a sleepover party and how about going to the movies and a private pool or go to center parks or pgl. I

i would just hang out and invite tons of people thats what i did and alot of people loved it and have alot of crappy food to eat but it has to be good

You could go to a amusement park.

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