Someone told me there was a coconut creamer ( for coffee )?!


Someone told me there was a coconut creamer ( for coffee )?

I have yet to find it , Have you ?

I think coconut is the new flavor from Coffee Mate. I saw commercials on TV, but it isn't in my grocery store yet. Dunkin Donuts has coconut flavoring for their coffee though, and it's delish!

they lied

coffee mate..brand new, in a few stores here in Seattle

Yes, I found it in my local grocery store. It is made by International Delight and I think Coffee Mate has one too.

coffee mate make its, and it is at grocery stores around me like MEIJERS, FARMER JACK , AND KROGER

Coffee Mate has it and it is very tasty. Look for it on your grocery self. It is actually Coconut Cream.

Yes, there is an excellent one made in HaiKou, Hainan, China but haven't any idea where you could but elsewhere. Try Chinese supermarkets...The brand is CocoMy.....

I saw the ads for the Coffee Mate Coconut cream one here in Chicago.

If you can't find it, make your own.


1 cup Better Than Milk soymilk powder (Original or
1 2-oz packet Chao Thai coconut cream powder
(or another brand, but this is one of the best)
1/4 - 1/2 cup sugar (or equivalent dry sweetener)**

Mix all ingredients well.
Store in a jar with a good-fitting lid.
Shake well before each use.

Add to HOT coffee, tea, cocoa, etc, to taste.
To use in cold drinks, dissolve in hot water,
then add to drinks.


*Soy-Free Coffee Creamer

Use Better Than Milk rice milk powder
in place of soymilk powder.


**Unweetened Coffee Creamer

Yes, But too bad for me I don't drink coffee, and i prefer real coconuts- maybe that's why I'm living here!

there is coconut cream, but it is not tasty at all, you must use it for sauce not for coffee, darling...

Coffee mate. I haven't seen it in the larger bottles yet. But I did have it in my coffee this morning and it is delicious.

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