Why don't they ever invite me?????!


Why don't they ever invite me?????

My neighbours are having another BBQ, it smells so good, wafting over my fence, why do they never ask me to come to their BBQs or Parties?
Don't you think it's rude?

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11 months ago
Yer, we do speak, she borrowed a handbag of mine a few weeks ago!

11 months ago
Yer, we do speak, she borrowed a handbag of mine a few weeks ago!

well are you friendly with them? Have you ever done anything with them? Have you ever invited them over?

How about if you went outside and they were having this BBQ, would they shout over, "hey come on over"?

They're just well rude. Could be worse, my neighbour's BBQs smell like sh*t :)

Did u ever invite them to one of yours ???

It's well tight, and rude

Invite yourself!!

Ask them to toss a prawn over the fence.

it depends on who all is there.
if it is there friends than its not rude.
but if it is a neighbor thing than yes its rude.

With a cute face like yours, yeah they are rude.

Just walk over.

r u in good terms with them ?? ya even though not in gud terms not rite on there part dnt bother y u want to go to rude people party

Because they're rude, maybe they don't want a sexy young thing like you over there?

They are most rude! we have Lot's of bbq's and you can come over anytime, take no note of your mean neighbours

gate crash them.

put some sallamonella on teh food.

Perhaps they are too intimidated by your looks,the men might not be able to control themselves and the women are jealous !lol
Just convince yourself that you are way too good for them and even if they asked you ;you would have to say ,sorry I'm washing my hair!
Its their loss !

Have your own BBQ, invite them over. Could be the ice-breaker you need.

No not really!
Just coz you live next door to them does'nt meen you have a right to be there, we never go to our next door neighrbours. We don't have any common interests (Hes single and we are a family with 3 kids)

If you ask them over when you have a BBQ with your friends/family may be they would invite you to theirs.

That is very rude. Our BBQ's are always have open invites!
I am just getting ready to put the Ribs in the smoker for tonite.
You are invited if you live around Minneapolis, and so is any one else! just bring something

perhaps they don't like you Have you ever had a party and not invited them if you are so desperate to go just gate crash taking a good bottle of wine with you, or go around pretending that you need a cup of sugar and hope they will invite you in or thirdly get a life and make new friends

Maybe they think they're being polite by leaving you to your own business. They could offer you a burger or something though from over the fence.

I don't think it's rude though, they may be shy or more private types.

Have you ever invited them to your place? If not, then you cannot complain if they don't invite you to theirs. So why not start the ball rolling and ask them around for coffee or supper depending on your cooking skills?

Why don't you have your own BBQ. Invite a local band to play live in the back garden and cook all the food that smells the nicest.
Of course, you don't invite the neighbours.
There's a good chance they will invite you to their next one.

Go over and ask if she's done with your handbag... maybe she'll say "awww, stay for the bbq"... seeing your already there.

Have you ever invited them over to YOUR house for dinner? Maybe you need to do that first. If they don't invite you over after you have established a relationship with them, then you will just have to accept that they're not interested in associating socially with their neighbors.

Feel lucky, my neighbors, say Hi, good bye!!!!!!!

There is an old expression that says, "Good fences make good neighbors". Maybe they're trying to define the relationship.

You should tell them their bbq smells good...maybe ask for the recipe...Maybe they will get the hint...if not you have the recipe and can make your own damn bbq.

I'm the other way, my neighbours always invite us in and we always invite them, but its now gettin to the stage where its just a case of we feel like we HAVE to, which is not nice, i much prefer to just say hi in the street. Don't get paranoid bout it,they probably don't mean to offend you, they might think you wont want to go. Why don't you have one some other time and invite them, then that will get the ball rollin for ya. To be honest i would much prefer to bein your shoes than my own lol ;-)

Is it London? Sounds like it. That's the place where no one knows your name! Your neighbour is too close for you to make eye contact or even interact... if is not London, well ... at least you know that the same happens there or something...
Have you been good for them?
Do you know them?
Many things... oh! You might be a nerd or not (they might be nerds and be scared of you...)
I don't know....

maybe it's just a family thing? alot of people don't invite their neighbours over for their bbq. make your own bbq.

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