What should I do for my 15th b-day party?!

Question: What should I do for my 15th b-day party?
So my b-day is on February 11th and i'm turning 15 and I want to do something for it. Nothing to big or expensive, cheaper would be nice. I would invite maybe 17 people or so. So a little about me, in case it helps or anything with ideas: I'm really into music, a lot, but not like mainstream music, I like Indie and stuff like the Runaways, Joan Jett and The Cure. I'm a laid back person, imagine if Juno from Juno and Bella from Twilight were mixed together with a pinch of Liz from Mu Life As LiZ (or so my friends tell me)

Anyway it would probably be a boy and girl party, but mostly girls. Honestly I'm pretty much open to anything, but I do have fairly small budget. Me and my family aren't exactly tight so a house party would be out of the question. So any ideas? Thanks!


Have a mini RAVE! Use a room or basement and set up neon lights, glow sticks, and leave the lights off while blasting up beat music! Also, try black lights, whatever white glows neon colors!

haha funny. That's the day before my birthday. :) You could have the party at one of your friends' houses or something.You could decorate the place with balloons and streamers. And you could play music everyone can dance to. You could serve snacks, like chips or something.

Hope I helped :)


That's what I did.

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