Great American Cookies, Cookie Cakes.?!

Question: Great American Cookies, Cookie Cakes.?
Does anyone know if they have to be chocolate chip? I would call but they're closed already.
I want to order one for a birthday but he doesn't like chocolate chip, so i was wanting to get sugar cookie.


Cookie Cakes are not supposed to be made from any batter except "Cookie Cake" (chocolate chip), Oatmeal and Double Fudge but many stores will make then from Peanut Butter batter. Sugar cookie batter in particular is NOT well suited to cookie cakes (it is very easy to overbake that particular product). However since each location is independently owned I would call the local store. Just because they are not supposed to do it does not mean they won't. Store managers want to please their customers and might be willing to make it out of that batter for you if you state that you understand that the results may be less than perfect.

They really do want to please you but they want to sell the best quality product too.

I work for a Great American Cookie store.

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