Help! I am throwing my mom a bday party need help for party favors! thanks for the feed back.?!

Question: Help! I am throwing my mom a bday party need help for party favors! thanks for the feed back.?
She is turning 65 yrs old.


How many guests?
Assorted tea bags nicely wrapped.
Make your own potpourri sachets.
Homemade cookies.

In my experience, you don't hand out party favors unless it's at a child's birthday party. Adults of age do not need party favors, unless you want to simply hand out hats and blow horns and confetti. They make little champagne looking bottles with paper confetti that's not difficult to clean up. Silly string could be funny depending on the mood.

So, its more of a guest's thank you for coming gift.
I'd do more of a gag thing. Act like your mom is turning 90, and you didn't know how old she was turning. So, when everyone gets there, have golf turned on, have your mom walk around on a walker, etc.
Hang a big banner that says "Happy 90th Mom!"
Have the cake say Happy 65th Birthday! but put 2 candles, a 9 and a 0.
Have the guests take home a magnifying glass (the kind for menus)…
Send home coupon booklets (hahahahaha)
Also give them sugar free caramels, and maybe even denture brushes.

You don;t really need favors for a 65 yr olds party but they can be fun.

What is her favorite food? Can you make mini versions with a recipe to hand out?

What is her favorite activitie?

Does yours party have a theme?

We need more info to help us help you.

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