13th party ideas(boys and girls teenagers)?!

Question: 13th party ideas(boys and girls teenagers)?
Ok so I'm turning 13 in a month and I am having a hotel party at the embassy hotel and the party is co Ed and I'm not really girly I've always been one of the guys like I played football but I like some girly stuff but I'm having boys and girls stay over the hotel so I need a theme not to girly and it can't be Hawaii because that was my bestfriends theme and I need goody bag ideas that go with the theme plz help


You will then officially be a teenager!
Have a Hollywood Pool Party around the Hotel's pool,
everyone must pretend they are a VERY famous star dressed with loads of bling
and over the top ideas. Make it by invitation only so they have to bring
their invitation to get in. You can organise two fierce looking bodyguards
checking tickets at the door.
The Goodie Bags can have gold goodies in it, spend as little or as much as you want to.
It can be a can of cooldrink that is gold, a chocolate with a gold wrapper, etc, I am sure you get my drift or you can buy them bling bracelets if you want to spend a lot.
I looked up Hollywood Pool Party on youtube and found this, maybe it will help although my idea is not as casual as his:

umm maybe it can be harry potter?? Lmao just decorate it really good and make it something random if u want .... and the goody bags could be candy and tweezers!!!!!!!!!!! Lmfao!!! or im emo so make everything black??

wait ur 12 and u have an e mail?!!?!? UR TOO YOUNG TO HAVE AN E MAIL! u have to be 13. sign up again wen u r old enough little missy

Unlucky #13 is really good for co-ed.
Just use carpenters tape (blue) to make cracks on the floor, etc.
Cracks- Don't step on a crack, you'll break your mom's back.
Dumped over salt shakers- unlucky
Walking under ladders- unlucky
Black cats- unlucky
Rabbit feet- lucky.
Plastic horseshoes- lucky
4 leaf clovers (you will find a lot of St. Patrick's day decorations to use for this)- lucky.
apples- give everyone an apple to eat- an apple a day keeps the doctor away (maybe get caramel apples and have toppings like sprinkles and stuff)
birthday candles- get the kind of candles that are impossible to blow out (you have to put them in water for them to go out) because it is unlucky for you not to be able to blow them all out in one blow.
Lay a lot of fake money on the ground. Lucky- heads up Unlucky- tails up
(Try to get a suite on the 13th floor!)

Goody Bags-
Gag toys (Such as woopie cushions, cans of snakes, fake bugs, etc.)
Shramrock or 4 leaf clover items- such as bracelets, necklaces, mini relaxables, etc. (see link below in source)
Black cats http://www.orientaltrading.com/ui/browse…
a lot of candy!
slime http://www.orientaltrading.com/ui/browse…


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