how can i rent a flat for a day for a party ?!

Question: How can i rent a flat for a day for a party ?
i need to do a party but i dont want to do it in a resturant or another venue it needs to be a house, it cant be at my house because of my parents so i was thinking to rent a flat for a day in london but i could not find anything on the net can someone help me pleasee ??


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If money is no object you could rent a suite in a hotel. A nice penthouse apartment would be great!

How about a boat? I've been to parties on rented boats before and they've always been good. Not too expensive either.

Alas though, you may have trouble renting out a flat just for a day without it costing a lot of money. Have you asked around your friends to see if you can host a party at their house? Or perhaps your parents could be persuaded to go stay with friends or relatives, or just go out for the evening?

What about renting a cabin? Anything on the outskirts of where you live? If you've got a Parks and Recreation Dept ask them what's available. We do family reunions in the dead of winter with tons of snow in a cabin at a local park (go sledding, bring our own food and have fun).

Even if you were to rent a flat...chances are neighbors could call cops and you'd get tossed out anyway. Better to have some "space" around you to make a little noise without disturbing anyone.

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