Should I have a party for my BA graduation or go on a cruise or vacation?!

Question: Should I have a party for my BA graduation or go on a cruise or vacation?
OK, so I'm 30 and just getting my BA (hey, better late than never right?). So my hubby wants to throw me a party, but he's probably thinking a bbq and family... If I want a party I want the whole shabang! Music, drinks, party favors, appetizers, etc... I have alot of family and friends that I would invite... or...
I have been wanting to go on a cruise for a long time... I want to cruise the caribean: cancun, belize, st. thomas, roatan, etc.
Or even just a plain 1 week vaca to cancun.
OK, so here are the pros and cons I find...
Party: Will give friends & family a good time (I'll probably be stressed but have fun and get presents.
Vacation: memory for ever with my lovey and destress from work and school.



i wold go on a cruise or a vacation because a party only lasts a day were with a cruise or vacation you can p-a-r-t-y a lot longer

common sense

have the party have everone bring their own fav dish and drink to share if theres alot of people they wont even notice that they came to a party where the host didnt even provide anything,i had a 60 people party and there was so much food a drink that no one noticed all i did was provide the venue lol but hey they are my good friends,then that way you still have money for your cruise afterwords

Cruise. You can have people over anytime.

Go to Belize

Take a trip and then go home and have a party...........

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