I need ideas of how to tie in other toy story decor/ideas into a Sheriff Woody birthday party...?!

Question: I need ideas of how to tie in other toy story decor/ideas into a Sheriff Woody birthday party...?
So far we have chosen a tiered cake that features cow print, red bandana print & of course Woody from Toy Story. I have made the kids cow printed vest out of Brown paper bags. Purchased the guest Red Bandanas and cowboy hats along with badges which will be set around for decor. My son wants to incorporate other toy story things to the party like Jessie cookie hats (looks like Jessies hat), Mr potato head pops (cake pops that resemble mister potato head), buzzlightyear poster and other toy story decor. How could I pull this off?


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-paper themed items such as cups, plates, tablecloth is a good way, you could to the table ware with all the characters, or pick and choose characters. Ex: buzz cups, alien balloons etc

- I would probably tie in the different parts of toy story through decorations, but make the main theme Woody.

- Using Primary colors will help you incorporate all the toys.

- Running down the middle of the table you could have little toy army men, and all the different toys

- You could serve hot dogs, and call them slinky dogs

- you could do Buzz's space punch (hawaian punch, coolade, something neon colored)

- you could also decorate with those life size cutouts.


- http://themeaparty.com/2555/toy-story-bi…

This will help you:

get into the tutorial bit, it is especially recommended:


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