Themes and things to do at 16th birthday party?!

Question: Themes and things to do at 16th birthday party?
Help!! im having a 16th birthday and i dont know what theme to have and what to do there


Mexican Fiesta...very colorful...can make your own huge paper flower decorations using tissue paper and pipe cleaners...serve taco bar, nachos, dips and salsa...find plastic hats to serve the snack foods in. Serve mock margaritas...have a pinata. get the game "Mexican Train Dominoes" (although it's for up to 8 players, some guests may sit off to the side to play while others are dancing or whatever). Hand out Mexican jumping beans.

Hang up party streamers and lots of balloons...guests can come in costume if they want.

Play "The Hot Camera Game" This is one of the best game ideas for having fun while recording memories-- the whole thing will be caught on camera. All you need to play this camera version of "hot potato" is a regular camera (digital works best) with a flash and self timer.
The Game

* Guests stand or sit in a circle. The first player sets the timer on the camera, then points the camera at him or herself for a moment (the camera should be kept at arm's length). He or she then passes it to the person on the left, who repeats the process until the timer goes off and the camera takes a photograph.
* The loser (the person holding the camera when it goes off) must either do a punishment or forefit (think of some funny punishments beforehand, such as "tell a stupid joke," "take a shot," "wear this stupid hat," etc.). Then the game begins again.
* Don't use your best camera for this party game-- in the rush to get rid of the thing it'll get dropped!

A costume party
or nerd vs punk

Fashion show!!!!!

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