I want to take my 22 year old son out in London for a good weekend.?!

Question: I want to take my 22 year old son out in London for a good weekend.?
No visiting monuments!!!! Only enjoyment!!!!! We'll start around 10am 22nd January 2011 and finish in the wee early hours. He's a bit of a raver. 'Illegal rave parties' they're called abroad. Any suggestions???? Shops,markets,pubs,concerts, etc. I'm not old don't worry I like to enjoy myself. :)


Ice bar! Thatl go down a treat! Look it up, I think you have a time slot but the experience is worth it! Not breaking the bank too much either! :)

MMmmmmm, partying with your mother. You will not have to look far to have a good time out in London!!

You go to a nice restaurant

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