What are some food ideas for 4 year old birthday party?!


What are some food ideas for 4 year old birthday party?

Can somebody please tell me what are some good food to serve for a 4 year old boy birthday party.

Cold cuts, sandwiches, pizza, chips, pretzels. I fgure you don't want chesse doodles or nachos becasue they give off color and can get on walls.

Hotdogs, mac & cheese, french fries, cut up pizza.


& chicken fingers

pizza hamburgers and nachos maybe ice cream and candy chips

Hot Dogs, Pizza Rolls, Cake, Ice Cream.

pizza, pigs in a blanket (little hotdogs), chicken tenders

hotdogs,pizza,hamburgers,chick... nuggets,french fries,popcorn,snowcones,cotton candy,cupcakes,chips,cheese doodles and juice

have fun

Hot dogs and chips. Fast, good, and cheap.

Mashed potatoes with sausages or meatballs plus some sliced cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes.

If you want, you could buy some artificial food color and make the potatomash green. I loved that when I was a kid!! :)

Take stick pretzels and large marshmellows so that they can make their own figures, take a picture so each child can have it to take home before they eat it. I think that they would have fun with this. of course you can have other shape pretzel also. What you are looking for is a snack that they can poke into the marshmellow.

Could do a pirate party with a chocolate cake that looks like a treasure chest.


You could have fish bites instead of chicken nuggets and call them sharks.

Pirates are not known for having posh grub, so pizza, chicken legs.

When you say good food, I suppose you mean healthfull stuff. Remember in children's parties, eating healthy could sometimes be a bit hard. So i guess you're allowed to slip a little bit. Here goes...
* Chicken fingers
* vegetable sticks (kids love ranch dipping sauce. you can probably mix a little food coloring to make it look like "slime". little boys love gross looking food!)
* Cake-of course (or those cup cakes made to look like one big birthday cake. I think there are sugar-free varieties of these at your local supermarket)
* Spaghetti and meatballs-then call them worms and bugs or something. you can even use different shaped pasta. some kids don't like tomato sauce, so have a cream or cheese based sauce as well.
* Little sandwiches or little burgers-so little fingers can manage them. you can even get those different colored ketchups for some gross effect. I think they come in blue and green.
* If you dont' like to serve cake or need another sweet choice, Rice krispie treats are great. Everybody loves them. you can even make some from chocolate rice krispies.
* you could also make a dessert from chocolate pudding and oreo cookies (just the cookie part not the white filling). In individual containers (maybe something that looks like a plant pot/planter) put puddding and top it with crushed oreo cookies. It should resemble "dirt" then top it with gummy worms!
* Trail mix- pretend they're bugs
* Juices or milk in the weirdest colors
* PBJ sandwiches cut in fun shapes. try using cookie cutters.
* String cheese
* Nachos-they can even out their own topping
* tater tots, french fries
* instead of ice cream try juice popsicles. kids love these as much as ice cream
* a platter full of bite size fruits. kids love grapes, watermelon, oranges, apples, cantaloupe and strawberries.
Another tip though, when you send out invitations include a note to the parents of the food you will serve, just in case of allergic reactions (like peanuts, strawberries and milk). Specially if this is a drop-off-pick-up party. If the parents will be there too, then you don't have to worry about that.
good luck and hope you have fun as well.

What does the 4 year old like ...
hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, cake, ice cream, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti

Dino shaped chicken nuggets, and either Alphabet shapes or Smile shaped french fries - they are actually mashed potato, shaped and coated - but kids love them. Even kids who are picky about food, and won't normally eat a 'good meal' will eat a normal portion of "Fun Food"

lots of cake and chicken nuggets

rice krispy treats
Cheese puffs

First, ask your child. It's amazing the ideas we can get from out little ones. Serve ice cream in individual cups (bought like that) and cupcakes. This saves you from scooping and slicing and you will have your hands full with all those kids! Have fun though, and good luck!

cake, pizza, peanut butter and jelly, hot dogs, nachos....

Pigs in a blanket w/cheese. Cut a slit in the hot dog and add a long skinny piece of cheese then roll up in Crescent roll. The hot dog buns are tooooo big for 4yr olds and mine love the 'Piggys'. Serve with fruit kabobs.

Here are a couple of things I always serve at my daughter's parties-kids gobble them up quick!
*Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches cut into any shape you like (to match party theme) using cookie cutters
*Caramel apple bites-slice red apples, slather one side with store-bought caramel topping that has been heated a few secs for easier spreading, add coconut (optional)

Some Boy Favorites!

*Wormy Dogs (gross name! boys love it!) Use regular hot dogs, cut lengthwise into slices, heat in microwave-the ends curl up making them look like worms!
*Dirt Cups-You can make chocolate pudding or buy prepackaged cups, add crumbled chocolate cookie crumbs and gummy worms
*Green Slime Punch-this is very tasty! You should use clear cups so the kids can watch the slime fizz! Put a scoop of lime sherbert ice cream in each child's cup, add a punch (made of a lime jello packet, Sprite (or 7Up!), and ginger ale-pour the punch over the ice cream and watch the slime bubble up!

Finally-the BEST website in the world for fun party ideas-
It's totally free and they have MILLIONS of super-cute ideas that are usually inexpensive!

Best of Luck and Happy Partying!

make your own chicken nuggets out of skinless boneless chicken brests. ITs not hard. You could do this a week in advance and freeze them if you want.
Fruit Skewers, wrap a hot dog with crescent rolls and bake, mini peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, punch them out with cookie cutters for added wow factor (there will be no crust then).
Good Luck!

it depends on the theme I posted a question on Fear Factor parties and got a response from California Dream Parties they had alot of pictures and food ideas go to www.californiadreamparties.com

pigs in a blanket
corndogs or mini corn dogs
grilled cheese sandwiches cut into triangles
hamburgers and hotdogs cut in half
fruit salad or cut fruit like pineapple or apple slices

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