For my boyfriends 21st birthday i want to give him a casino night type thing any ideas?!

Question: For my boyfriends 21st birthday i want to give him a casino night type thing any ideas!?
It will just be us two since we just moved to a new city and dont know anyone, but he is turning 21 and he really wants to go to vegas but doesnt have money!. Anyways i was thinking about doing like a blackjack table or something with "special" things he can win on the chips and like lights and stuff, any ideas!?

You could get a green felt cloth, and a blackjack set and stuff!.
Wear a dress, and make him wear a suit!.
For prize's just with some chips, and for however many chips he gets, give him a presents, i!.e!. watch, cd, dvd!.
Make martini's and alcoholic drinks and have bar snacks sorta things!.
You can invite friends and have them bring presents for him to win, or have it just you two!.

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Or check out this one:


You could do a James Bond Casino Royale theme

Here is the last wesbite this can help alot


Tell him to wear a suit!. You wear a black bra, underwear, heels and a bowtie (you're the dealer)!. Have a table set up of his favorite game then play how you want!. Remember!.!.!.the dealer ALWAYS wins!. Have fun!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Give him a free drink or two and confiscate all his money and you've accomplished the typical night in a casino!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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