What are some good holiday party games?!

Question: What are some good holiday party games!?
I am having a Christmas party in a couple weeks with probably 8-10 close friends!. I want to have some kind of game or entertainment planned, but I think white elephant/dirty santa gift exchanges are SO overdone this time of year!. Most people get sick of them!. I want to think of something else that will be fun, but a little more original!. I am in an apartment, so I don't have a lot of space!. Any ideas are welcome!. Thanks!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Here are a few Christmas party games for a small group!.

Unwrap the gift game - This is where you pass a gift and each person unwraps a layer until someone gets the gift!. You can add twists to this game, here are more details!. http://partygameideas!.com/christmas-game!.!.!.

Blind Gift Stacking might be fun, as you break the group into team!.

Holiday Trivia Games, Word Plays, Christmas Charades, Holiday Jeopardy these games could challenge your guests!. http://partygameideas!.com/christmas-game!.!.!.

Another idea is to do a charity raffle!. If everyone is in good financial standing, instead of doing a gift exchange and buying $10 - 15 gifts!. Ask people to donate dollars (amount up to them) and them if they participate they can submit a charity name they would like the money to go to!. Then at the end of your event count the money and pull the name of the charity that will receive it!.

Happy Holidays

Create snow globes! Paint ornaments! Play "Secret Snowman" these are the instructions This game involves lots of pats on the back and laughs, so it's perfect for family gatherings!.

Players try to stick a paper snowman (ours is made of card stock with a loop of painter's tape to attaching it) on a person's back without her noticing!. When that person realizes the snowman is on her, she has to stick it on someone else's back!. Don't worry about the snowman staying on just one back for hours -- giggling kids are sure to give the person a clue before too long!. Try to have the snowman visit everyone's back by the end of the day!.

Hope you have a GREAT party full of laughs and memories that last until you have your next party!


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