How much chicken for 25- 30 people?!


How much chicken for 25- 30 people?

I plan on doing legs & breasts, would you just plan 2 pieces per person?
This is my first time planning such a big get together so any tips/ websites would be appreciated!

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5 months ago
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How many cans of black beans would I need for 25-30 people?

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Here's another question for you:

How many cans of black beans would I need for 25-30 people?

30 chicken drumsticks.
15 breasts & halve them .

1pound = 5 people 60 about a 5 to 6 pound chicken should be good.


I would go with 2 pieces per person, but does everyone eat chicken, and do you think you may need an alternative meat.

plan for two pieces per person. you never want to run out, and leftovers are always nice !

Myself, depending on if all the people are adults, I'd have to say 1 breast and 1 leg for each person, so about 1 chicken for every 2 people. So I'd imagine about 15 whole chickens.

60 lbs should be enough ..a "piece" is approximately 1 to 2 lbs.
So about 12 packages of 5 lbs ea. would be about $65.00 if you can get it on sale.
I would marinate the chicken and BBQ it on the grill.
have salads,pasta is good,salad ,and beans as a side.
That should do it.
You will probably save about 80 to 100 dollars if you do it yourself,or spend the extra money and have it catered.
10 cans if 151/2 oz cans should do it.

I would plan on two of each per person - some people like white meat - some dark, and if there are men attending - they tend to eat more than women.

2.5 pieces per person

I would go for two a person but then you don't know some people might be more hurgrey than others so you have to be prepared. I would recommend about 75 pieces of chicken to cover 30 people. It's better safe than sorry, plus if there are leftovers some people might want to take a plate home. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!

My mother in law was a caterer for 10 yrs, she's told me previously that w/chicken, you usually figure on 2 pieces per person if going with legs and thighs. Chicken breast is usually 1 per person. So if you were to with the 2/per you should be just fine.

plan for 2 per person. but have 2 drumsticks for every breast you buy. so for 30 people you would get 60 pieces. 40 drumsticks and 20 breasts. give or take. ( this is based on me doing it with drums and thighs, so you may want more breast meat ratio than that. breast can tend to be dry though, dependent on the cooking times)

I have done a lot of parties and if chicken is the only meat your serving 85 but, if theres is other meat 60 pieces is fine.its better to have to much then not enough so 3 pieces per person cause you never no who might show up.on the black beans buy a tray and fill it up.

I would figure @ least three pcs. per person.

Unless you want lots of leftovers, I would plan on 1.5 pieces per peron. Chicken breasts are filling and many people will choose to have just one. This way some can have seconds but you won't be paying for a lot more than you need.

I'm adding a link to a website that has some very good catering tips that might help you. Have fun!

tow breasts are enght each but 3 legs is good for nay people haveing the legs because the is more meat in a breast then a leg. or one of each is fine,

You definitely want to do more than less because running out of food is no fun at all. I usually plan about a half pound per person when I am throwing large parties. But when you are doing legs and breasts, you want to have at least 30 breasts and 60 legs for adults. Some people eat more than others will, so you should have at least one breast for each person. Also don't necessarily include children in your counts, especially if you have other foods for kids. If ten of your guests in children, for example, I would do 25 breasts and 50 legs as they won't eat as much as an adult. (Besides adults generally like breasts as the kids will go for legs). Good Luck.

regarding the chicken, plan on approximately 1/2 pound of meat per person.
Regarding the beans, check the portion size on the can. Assuming you will have other dishes and maybe a salad, this should be plenty.
Good luck, and make sure you have fun at your party.

I am a master at cooking for parties! If you BBQ plan on 2 legs pp -1 breast. Frying 2 legs pp - 2 Breast pp. You should just go with legs and wing dings, this will give people an option of having more or less. You get about 50 wing dings a bag I eat about 5- 6 at a party (if theyre good) Dont forget to try something like meatballs you just put some sauce on them and throw'em in the oven. Less Prep Time!

Yes, for the average person, two pieces would be plenty .. nobody wants to make a pig out of them-self in front of that many people ! You might want to get just a little extra, to be on the safe side, but you can always eat it later (or share with a friend) if it's left over.
I love I invited? hehe

I dont think one pound feeds 5 especially with the bone in. My family can eat a whole chicken easily. 2 babies a 7 year old and 2 adults. That's 2-3 lbs for 5 people probally equivalent to 4 adults.

Restarunt servings are often close to 1/2 lb each if you want to do it by the pound. But you have to know your crowd. A breast is a large piece and enough for anyone, and more than a small child would need. But there are some who would take 2 leaving you in a lurch at the end of the line.

I always have a contingency plan. Like sausages or hot dogs that cook quick if doing a barbeque, or sandwiches if inside. Alternately you can serve the guest so no one takes more than is appropriate, then leave the rest for those who want extra.

You'll have some people that love the legs and will take 3-4, and some big guys that might grab 2 breasts, so you could end up with some folks not getting a lot or any...unless you dish it up.

Some thoughts: How you are cooking it might make a little difference. For example, if BBQ, grab some leg-quarters...they are very inexpensive so you can afford to figure 2 per person & they are easy to handle on the grill. If you're going to fry it, depending on the size of your fryer, smaller pieces might be easier to handle...legs & wings maybe. If you're baking it, how much oven space do you have to cook the chicken...and any sides (at the same time)?

While it might be tempting to buy whole chickens because they are usually cheaper than the cut-up chicken, don't. If you're cooking for that many people, you'll want to take your prep-time into consideration and buy to same your time...and pick side dishes to do the same.

Pick sides that are nice, but easy to make for large amounts of people, and don't take a lot of time: green beans (a couple of Costco size cans) in a very large pot...add some country ham slices from your grocery store will give it all the flavoring you could want. Make a couple of gallons of mac & cheese the night before and store in the frig overnight...sprinkle some shredded chedder cheese (and even some Italian bread crumbs) over the top before popping in the oven to heat before serving A large salad...lettuce (a couple of types), some cukes slices, tomatoes, sliced onions, sliced bell pepper) is easy to make and "shows" very well. If you're frying the chicken, go to KFC and buy several large cole slaws...everyone loves the Colonel's cole slaw and you'll get the compliments.

You can also look in the phone book for caterers (many restaurants often cater) in your area. A lot of times you can buy from them as some sides from them and serve...just make sure you put them in your own serving dishes!

Don't forget desert. With this many people you can pickup a cake, a pie & some pasteries or cookies for an assortment from a local bakery to cover your needs...the better the bakery, the more you would want to serve these in the bakery's show off that you purchased your guests the best. If you're buying from the local grocery store's bakery, serve in/on your own serving dishes.

Now, if you're thinking of making a gourmet meal with sauces I couldn't pronounce or spell, indegrients that no one has an idea of where they're from or what for, then I guess you can just throw out these ideas!

Good luck and have a great time!

OK, big hungry people or little vegetarian people?

It does matter too.

buy whole chickens and cut em up

cheaper, way cheaper, even if you get free range happy chickens

just get out the cleaver and get out some frustration and save $40 or so in an hour or so

chop chop CHOP chop chop CHOP !!!!!!!!!! FUN

get six chickens if the people are average to small, twice that if they are hungry or big

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