I'm going to a club for my first time. any sudgestions? ?!

Question: I'm going to a club for my first time!. any sudgestions!? !?
I'm going to a club for my first time!. Any sudgestions!? By pass lines!? Its union hall in edmonton!. thx Www@FoodAQ@Com

Hey confused, your first time to a club, wow!! Just be yourself, don't try and be someone your not!. Watch you alcohol intake and please most importantly enjoy yourself and give the jerks that will try and pick you up the flick!!!


don't forget your ID, don't drink to much as you won't feel so nice the next day and you don't want to make a fool of yourself, go on student night when drinks and entrance are cheaper, don't mix drinks and don't leave any drink unattended!. Wear comfy shoes - I have made the mistake of wearing uncomfy shoes and suffering from sore feet with blisters the next day!. Just have super amounts of fun!! Www@FoodAQ@Com

don't carry a lot of money
don't do a bunch of shots
watch your drink, people drop things in unwatched drinks
eat before you go out
don't bring a purse if possible
don't forget your ID
have fun!!!

Don't get drunk!.
Just be kind to people, and don't feel like you have to have this ridiculous smile on your face the whole time to show how great of a time you're having!.
You'll just end up looking stupid!.

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