Want to have a Christmas Party at my place?!

Question: Want to have a Christmas Party at my place!?
Most of the people we are inviting are lower- mid- 20's and my husband and I would like to have them over for a little fun and food!. But I want to ask everyone to bring something like a potluck and just don't know how to go about deciding what they should bring, etc!.
We want everyone to bring a dip, or cheese ball, or meatballs, or desserts, etc, some sort of finger food, but we want to offer something big and filling as sort of a main course (something that will fill people up besides finger foods) but don't want to serve Chili!. Does anyone have any ideas what we should serve as a filling party food!?

also, does anyone have any great fun Christmas games!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

well!.!.!.!.for a main dish supplied by you- shredded beef or turkey sandwiches would be good, or maybe a beef brisket, or sliced ham and rolls!.
as far as assigning dishes to guests- decide how many of each type of dish you would like, say 5 side dishes, 3 desserts, 4 appetizers, etc!. then you can ask your guests what they would like to make and check it off your list, or when sending out invites you can insert a card assigning them whichever type of dish you randomly picked for them!. you could make it fun too by having the guests make a dish starting with the letter of their last name!
I don't have any fun Christmas games besides a White Elephant type gift exchange!. everyone can bring a $5 gift (funny or not) adn you can play a game to exchange them- play a game where you can steal presents from others to get what you want!
or you can pick up a Christmas trivia card game of some kind, or maybe they have some type of DVD trivia game your group would be interested in!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

lasagna! i love lasagna!. i know alot of people have that at weddings and showers and stuff!.

you could aslo have different kinds of breads, cheese, meats, and vegies for sandwiches!.

for games, maybe you could hand everyone a christmas card, they are assigned someone to give it too, and they write a little message and give it to them later!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

If its a Pot Luck, you should not decide what they should bring!.

You give them a direction!.!.!. Such as Please bring an appetizer or Dessert!.

For your Main Course, you could do a make your own Taco Bar or Pizzas, or even sandwich platters!.

also let your guests know if its BYOB or not!.

As for a game!.!.!. How about a White Elephant!.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

oh for a minute then i thought you was asking people do they want to come to your xmas party i was going to say yes thats very kind!! then suddenly it changed into what food you want & what people should bring Www@FoodAQ@Com

I love the white elephant game!. It is so fun and it takes time and while time is going on and your sitting there with each other you are getting to know one another without it being acquired !. And everyone gets to go home with something!. For potlucks I never like organizing what people will bring as I don't want to keep a list and be under pressure to make sure everyone brings what they said they would!. I never wanted people to be committed to something right on the spot so I would suggest last name starting with a-i bring side dish j-o bring finger/snacks or drinks!?!? and o-z bring desert!. You can separate the alphabet however!. Then you don't have to make anyone commit or keep a list!.

another game that's fun is catch phrase!. Check it out!!Www@FoodAQ@Com

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