Whats a candy party? Never heard of it.?!

Question: Whats a candy party!? Never heard of it!.!?
i'm pretty sure it's just a
party with candy!.!.!.
but then again it does sound dirty!.
Correct me if i'm wrong :)Www@FoodAQ@Com


I heard on the news that a Candy party was quite dangerous

It is when a bunch of people put all their old perscription meds into a large glass bowl!. In the story it looked like a big jar of candy!.

Kids were grabbing handfuls and not even knowing what they were taking and people are dying from it!.

not a smart party on a good note i do good parties and maybe you might know someone who might be interested in this one

You may want to have a look here: http://www3!.telus!.net/chase-games

This site describes an Amazing Race party plan that is great for a birthday party, sleepovers, scavenger hunt, etc and is designed for kids aged 13 – 18!. The “legs” of the Amazing Race party plan sell on eBay quite cheap (like $5)!. Good Luck!


They are actually becoming pretty popular of late!. After Halloween, you have a candy party for everyone to 'exchange' the candy they do not like!. Great way to learn about bartering and free enterprise!.

Just another excuse to have the kids get together for some fun with each other!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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