My cocktail shaker is completely shut stuck...?!


My cocktail shaker is completely shut stuck...?

How do you rescue an otherwise pretty good cocktail shaker that was left all night after a party and is now completely shut stuck? I have tried pouring warm water on the cap and putting it in the dishwasher. Any other suggestion? My next party is coming soon!

I hate sticky shakers! It's probably sugar that has dried and stuck it shut. I'd fill up the sink w/ water and submerge it for a couple hours to melt the sugar.

If you dont' think it's sugar,Put the thing in the freezer. WHen it's good and cold, dip the cap-end into a bowl of hot water. Hopefully the lid will expand enough against the shrunk up base (from cold) to allow you to pull it apart.

Ooh, this has happened to us! Try soaking it in warm soapy water!

Put it in a bucket of ice up to the bottom edge of the cap.When it's good and cold,invert it,putting thetop into very hot water.The expansion/contraction will hopefully unstick it. Good luck.

When it happens to us, we gently bang the long side on the counter and in the future try just using the long end and a plastic cup as a shaker.

Run under hot water, tap on the counter then twist and rock the top like you were prying it off. If that doesnt work, go to the liquor store, but a gift set with liquor and shaker combo, and drink new shaken beverage until you fix old shaker.

I would trying sticking in the freezer for about an hour, and then submerge the bottom part of the shaker in really, really, really hot water for a minute or two. It should open right up then.

wd-40 unsticks everything

stick it in the freezer then; after about an hour get it out and run hot water on the outside one to make it expand and the inner one will not expand as quickly.

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