Teen party ideas. please help. i really need some.?!

Question: Teen party ideas!. please help!. i really need some!.!?
sooo!. im having my 14th in 2 WEEKS!!? im inviting 3-4 girls and HAVE Absolutely NO IDEA! on what to do!.!. please help me!.!.
umm!.!. if its raining!. i was kind of planning to have a chocolate spa party and sleepover!.
and if its sunny i was planning to go to a water theme park or the beach!. does this sound fun!!? and also!. any other ideas please!!!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

I don't really feel like making another list, so I'll give you the one I gave another asker, only with less details if you don't mind!. I just don't think some parents would go for some of the other party ideas!. You could use these, or if all goes well on your day, then you should definetely go to a theme park, it's much more fun in my opinion!.

1) Disney/Animation Theme- Have your friends show up as 'princesses'!. You can get decor featuring your favorite kids movies like backgrounds of the castles or animals!. ex: Alice In Wonderland seems to be a fave!.

Game(s)- Have a trivia test like 'Have You Seen It' and write questions about Cartoon movies on flash cards so you can quiz all your friends!. For better results try rewarding them with candy or other party favors!.

Play "Musical Charades"- It's not very hard, but have your friends guess the movie/musical from the song you sing, or you can go with the normal 'silence' and act out scenes from the movie!.

2) Hollywood/Action Movies- Play as your favorite celebrities in a 'movie' setting!. You can play your favorite flicks on a TV or projector while you celebrate!.

Game(s)- "Celebreality'
Have your friends split up into groups and pick their fave genre of movies, then act out a skit for everyone in the character they came as!. If some of your friends didn’t have costumes, then slap some name tags on them and make them act out whomever!.

3) Disco/ Rave Dance Party- Get a disco ball if you can, some colorful mats!. Get a lot of glow in the dark gear including bracelets, necklaces, rings, stickers, and cups and plates!. Have an iPod or mp3 device that can be put on a random setting, or get an mp3 Jukebox and play your best dance songs!.

4) Rivals Theme- Pick two groups of people or legendary creatures/characters that are known for being rivals, and have your friends pick or split up into one of the groups!. Then have fun and creative games pitting the two gangs against each other like laser tag if that is available!. Ex: Pirates vs!. Ninjas, Greeks vs!. Persians, 'Werewolves' vs!. 'Vampires', (Halo) Red vs!. Blue, etc!. Nametags work great, or you can wear color coded tees to match you group (especially great for RvB)!.

5) Board Game Theme- Have a fave board game like monopoly or Life!? Why not get a few big blank poster boards or whatever else you can find to make spaces from the game, then tape them together or to the floor!. Get your friends to choose what pieces they are and have a moderator there to make sure no one cheats and to help out!.

6) Treasure Hunt- tell your friends you want them to make a treasure hunt game for your party, and they are to give you clues that lead you to your different presents hidden in secret places!.

Have fun on your B-day!


Oh I absolutely love the whole water fun park thing!. Now I'm jealous that I wasn't invited, haha!. But yeah, your ideas seem perfectly fine to me!. Its always good to be creative with parties, nobody likes a boring party!. :)

I wish you the best of luck & hope things go as smoothly as possible for you and your friends!. :)Www@FoodAQ@Com

Well!.!.!. this is all fun!.!. but if you want an indoor birthday!.!.!. you can have scene setters to decorate your walls, themed tableware, decorations, favors, pinata and stuff like that!.!.!.!. visit:


for fabulous themes and ideas!.!.!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Ten pin bowling is always fun but your ideas sound great to me!.

Hope you have fun doing whatever you chose!.

Happy Birthday Beckii!

Dancing Cookie!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

anything a person does can be fun if the person has got lots of funny things and mischief in his mind Www@FoodAQ@Com

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