How to welcome guests at a party?!


How to welcome guests at a party?

I need help in writing a short speech to welcome guests at a Christmas and birthday party

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7 months ago
It's a corporate Christmas party, with several top level officers and Board of Directors attending. It's also a birthday party for my boss.

7 months ago
It's a corporate Christmas party, with several top level officers and Board of Directors attending. It's also a birthday party for my boss.


Being a corporate Christmas party, I completely understand the need for a speech. I guess you will want to start it just before dinner is served (maybe 10 minutes or so). If people are still milling around, this is a good time to get everyone seated. You could start with a simple. "Hi, if I could have everyone take their seat please. Dinner will be served very shortly". You may need to say this twice.
Once everyone is seated, start your short speech. "Hello and a warm welcome to our_________"(name of event, is it annual, brand new..describe it..example..our 7th annual Hardy Hardware holiday party). "This year we are very honoured to welcome_____" (then say the names of the top level people there AND their positions with the company. After welcoming them, start a round of applause (ask them if they want to speak at the even..they might and it's best to know before they surprise you). If anyone has a big milestone with the company or a big anniversary, this is where you would put that in...."Not only are we able to celebrate the holiday together tonight, but we join the following people who have other reasons to celebrate. Special congratulations are in order for Charlie as today is his birthday, Marlene and her husband are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and Vicki is celebrating her 10th anniversary with Hardy Hardware". If there are any jokes or amusing stories about the company, tell them here. Also, introduce and thank those people who have helped with the party in any way (don't forget anyone though).
To start closing off, say "Hardy Hardware wishes you the warmest and safest holiday season. Enjoy your dinner and have fun tonight. May I have someone lead us in thanks before we begin?" If no one volunteers, then say a very short prayer (Thank you for the food we are about to enjoy with our friends, family and colleagues....or whatever you want to say). Only say the prayer if you feel that it is appropriate, but make sure to keep it non-denominational...just say "thanks", but don't specify by using a catholic or jewish prayer okay. And that's it.
The guests will appreciate your speech being short. You HAVE to acknowledge the top level people who are there and you HAVE to acknowledge your boss' birthday. Those who say you don't need a speech, must not ever want promotions..LOL.
Best of luck.

Before becoming a wedding planner and trade show producer, my job as a district supervisor had me giving speeches at corporate functions at least weekly.

put on a gr8 smile. thats it

Just pop up when they walk in the door and yell "CHARLIE MURPHYYYYYYY!" Then punch them in the face with your UNITY ring. Always a crowd pleaser.

a speech?!
Why not just tell everyone hello and it was so nice of them to come and its good to see them.
youre you...not the president.

hey.. thanx for coming to my party... Have a Great new year and enjoy every minute.. The bar is now OPEN!!

Provide a bit more info. Location home or a restaurant, will everyone be arriving at the same time, what is the attire formal or casual?


Shake the hands of the men and hug the ladies.

why a speech? how formal is this party? speeches hardly ever come off sounding personal or natural. is the party for family? friends? or strangers? just smile, greet everyonre personally, chat with each person at some point during the party, and when its over--THEN thank everyone for coming out to help you celebrate--just be natural and sincere---no need for a lengthy, formal, impersonal speech.

Why not just smile, thank them for coming, and direct them to things they are interested in, like mutual friends, beverages, nibbles, restrooms, and where to put their coats, etc

here is my entire speech: Welcome to our christmas party. You lazy sons-o-bitches had better start producing, or this will be the last one.


a good grin(smile)and a warm welcome are the keys to success.Then there is no need to worry because if you are relaxed you can have a great time,even with dewatered guests.

Here's to those that wish us well and all the rest can go to h*ll. I'm kidding. Goodness you need to hire Goddess Kitty! She's got it down.

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