Help with setting up a dinner date?!

Question: Help with setting up a dinner date!?
My younger brother's girlfriend is going away this saturday for a family reunion, so she will be missing their senior Homecoming dance!. So he will be having a little dance of their own!. The plan is that me and a couple of his friends will set up a small dinner in an open space and she and he can dance afterwards!. Only thing though is he is having trouble with what to do, and we need to do it by Friday before she's gone for two weeks!. We need tips and ideas on decorations (it's going to be a single table for dinner and a stereo for music so we'll just decorate the table) and dinner ideas!. If you have any other suggestions on this then please let me know!. I'm in charge of getting the dinner ready so I'm asking for help with dinner ideas, I know they both love steak so maybe something with that!. Thanks everyone!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

What a sweet bunch of guys, I hope that girl hangs on tight to your brother and that every girl could find some like you guys!!

Put some red roses on the table as a centerpiece, not too high though so they can see around them!. Light candles of course and dim the lights!. If you are in a room with lamps and can't dim the lights get some red scarves and drape them over top of the lamp for mood lighting!. Soft music clearly so they can hear each other!. White tablecloth obviously! Maybe some sparkling cider or champagne or wine if they are old enough (or allowed if they aren't), nice napkins folded pretty!. I would go for a red and white theme since that's like Valentines and love colors and all!.

As for supper!.!.!. don't give them a terribly heavy meal, don't want bloating! But start with maybe a light salad or caesar salad, or maybe even a bruchetta!. Steak is good, but how about filet mignon instead!? Pair it with stuffed or baked potatoes, or asparagus, rice pilaf, rissotto, etc!. Lay off the garlic though, they will probably be kissing!. IGarnish the plates with a sprinkling of fresh parsley around it, or you could add some carrot circles or sqash!. If you have salad for an appetizer serve bread rolls with it!. As for dessert (and you HAVE to have dessert), a nice cheesecake, raspberry ganache, chocolate mousse, or try to find out her favorite dessert and make that!.

Here!.!.!. www!.kraftcanada!.com - best website ever, simple yet elegant recipes! Hope all goes well and that they have a great time, good luck!

P!.S!. Your brother would be wise to give his gf a small token gift, such as a nice pic of them in a frame (write something sweet on the back), or maybe a bracelet or necklace or something special!. Put it on the table for her to find before!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

If the weather is good why not a cookout!. steak, baked potatoes, a salad and dessert!.
You could string Christmas lights in the trees, for romance!.
Candles on the table and maybe some non- alcoholic wine!.
maybe one of you could have a basket of roses, well one anyway!. like they do at some upscale restaurants and he could 'buy' one for her!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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