Any ideas? i need help with this.....?!

Question: Any ideas!? i need help with this!.!.!.!.!.!?
so im a skinny person!.
im 5 foot 2 and i only way 105 pounds!.
which is good enough for me!.
but anyways!.!.!.

like i said!. im skinny!. but im not fit!.
and im starting to gain weight in my stomach that looks bad!.
i wouldnt be surprised if i have a six pack!.
but i think that stomach fat is hiding it!.

any ideas on how i can get a flatter stomach!?

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1!.Whatever your current weight is, it takes 12-18 "calories" per pound per day to maintain it!. The average is 14-15 calories per pound, so it takes just about 100 calories to maintain each 7 pounds, 1000 calories to maintain each 70 pounds, 1500 calories to maintain each 105 pounds, 2000 calories to maintain each 140 pounds & 2500 calories to maintain each 175 pounds & 3000 calories per day to maintain each 210 pounds!.

2!. To gain or lose weight, it takes 3500 calories more or less to gain or lose 1 pound of body weight!. 500 calories less than your maintenance level of calories each day for one week will see your body lose about one pound!. That can be accelerated by burning additional calories with exercise!. There are charts all over which state how many calories are burned for each type of exercise!. For example, I think the average person burns 100 calories for each mile that they walk or jog!. If the average person walks 5 miles a day, each day for a week, and doesn't change their food intake, they will lose about one pound!. That highlights how much more effective dieting is than exercise for losing weight!. A more dramatic example, is that if the dieter takes 7 ritz crackers (7 x 14 calories = 100) along on their one mile walk, they will burn 100 calories while taking in 100 calories! They will be the same weight, but with more muscle tone!. The "push-away" (from the table) is the BEST exercise of all!

3!. Remember the photos of concentration camp survivors!? Nobody had a weight problem, because they were on starvation diets of 500 or so calories!.

4!. Too much is made over diets & exercise!. Just pick your target weight and multiply it by 15!. The result is the daily calories that will support that weight!. As long as a person, male or female eats a balanced diet, they can eat all of the meat, carbohydrates, candy or ice cream that they want!. The fact is, if anybody eats exactly 1500 calories a day for one year, their body weight will get down to about 105 pounds!. If they eat 1750 calories per day for one year, their weight will approach 122 pounds!. If they eat 2000 calories per day for one year, their weight will approach 140 pounds!. For each 3500 less calories or total of less calories & exercise, they will lose about 1 pound, regardless of the type of foods they eat!.

5!. We're overweight in America because we simply eat too much!. Until we pick quality over quantity, it won't change!.


Exercise!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

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