I need food ideas for an adult sensual/sex toy party...?!

Question: I need food ideas for an adult sensual/sex toy party!.!.!.!?
Ladies only, adults only, sex toy party!. I need some ideas for fun foods that would work well with this theme!.!.!. anything helps![email protected]@Com

Thanks for the great question!.

If food preparation isn’t the most fun in preparing for a bachelorette/sex toy party, I’m not sure what is!.

Here are the very best ideas I’ve seen work magically at a party!.

*** BEWARE***
You will be forced to host EVERY bachelorette/sex toy party from here on out if you take these suggestions!.

1!.Lollicocks – http://www!.sextoysshipped!.com/bacheloret!.!.!.

Lollicocks are the perfect item to hand out to your guests as they arrive!. They are 6” hard candy pops that are shaped like… well, I’m sure you can finish this sentence!. They will last the entire party, and will probably need to be brought home at the end of the night!.

Get Strawberry, Watermelon, and more!.

2!.Jumbo Pecker Cake –http://www!.sextoysshipped!.com/bacheloret!.!.!.

Pick up the cake pan that makes a bachelorette/sex toy party!.

3!.Super Fun Penis Candy – http://www!.sextoysshipped!.com/bacheloret!.!.!.

Grab a bag of penis shaped candy that you can keep in a candy dish…!. Or a wonderbra, or a sports cup!.

4!.cockcicle – http://www!.sextoysshipped!.com/bacheloret!.!.!.

The Cockcicle will keep things cool at your party!. You can pick them up in Strawberry, Watermelon, Grape or more!.

5!.Penis Cookie Cutter – http://www!.sextoysshipped!.com/bacheloret!.!.!.

Just like the cake pan, penis cookie cutters will be an instant hit!. The Best part of making these cookies is decorating with frosting… if that’s your thing!.

These are just a few ideas for you!. I would suggest browsing the different bachelorette/ Sex toy party products available!. I would venture to bet you will find a ton of ideas to make this party memorable!.
If you want to learn more about hosting a bachelorette/sex toy party, I would suggest picking up this top selling book, “Ladies Night Out” available here, http://www!.sextoysshipped!.com/books/ladi!.!.!.

Thank You Again For Your Great Question, And Have A Great Party!

SEXpert Steve
www!.sextoysshipped!.com[email protected]@Com

You could get a chocolate fountain or make a chocolate fondant (just melted chocolate) and have a fruit platter and marshmallows on toothpicks for dipping!.
You can buy this stuff from the adult shop called penis pasta!. Its just pasta in the shape of a penis!.
You could also buy penis and boobie ice trays which you can either make ice blocks (obviously, lol) or you can use them as chocolate moulds!.
I don't know I've helped but thats about all I can think of!. Sounds like fun!. I've been to a few sex toy parties!. Its a good night out :)[email protected]@Com

Cheese log in the shape of male member with nuts !. Nuts on the cheese log! Chocolate or angel food cake with breasts decorated with icing!. Maybe a chocolate fountain and washed strawberries to dip in fountain!. Finger sandwiches!. Maybe those C - - - Suckers like sold in the adult stores for party favors!.Use your imagination doll!.[email protected]@Com

Finger foods, Bananas are really sensual!. Men don't like to eat bananas because of the way they are eaten, but they like to see women eat them, in the right way :)[email protected]@Com

chocolate, caviar, champagne, oysters, avocados, almonds ( not all together of course)!. Look up other aphrodisiac foods!.[email protected]@Com

strawberries, cherries, whipped cream, bananas, cucumbers!.!.!.!.basically fruit, fruits are sexy!.[email protected]@Com

It will be interesting idea on your party http://desiresecrets!.com/!?department=par!.!.!. Special party favors and gags, there is a big variety of them! Rave![email protected]@Com

Raw bananas,Softy ice-cream in Cone,lollipops,make some chocolate in banana shape,[email protected]@Com

I'd go really literal:
Cocktail weenies
cocktail meatballs
mini carrots

anything phallic or ball shaped[email protected]@Com

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